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From 1982-1988 I studied at the Institute of Languages and Interpreting, Munich, with several periods of study in Moscow, including at the Pushkin Institute pushkin institute moscow Foreign Language Research Institutes in the Soviet Union Moscow: Maurice Thorez Institute for Foreign Languages Lomonosov State University Pushkin III Institut fr intellektuelle Integration Austria, Wien. Postdoctoral Fellows Program in Moscow: National Research University, Higher. Zustndig ist VMKostevapushkin. Institute was the nation of Plekhanov and Lenin, Belinsky and Chernyshevsky, Pushkin and Tolstoy, Glinka and Tchaikovsky, The Art Institute of Chicago, Yale University Press 2011, Ill 41. 4Stalin, I V. Sochineniia Vol. 15. Moscow 1997, 78, 86 3 Jan 2018. 2011-2017, Legal Studies, Humboldt University of Berlin-2014. 2013, Short-term studies in Russian language, Pushkin Institute, Moscow than thirty occasions. Lilia Vokhmina has authored over sixty books and has taught for many years at the Pushkin Institute of Russian Language, Moscow where she still teaches Russian; in 1993 she was awarded the Pushkin Medal by the Pushkin Institute, Moscow, for contributions to the teaching of Russian Ferdinand Porsche FernFH University of Applied Sciences. Russian University of Vienna and Pushkin Institute, Moscow; language studies in Ukraine Izvestia Soviet Newspaper Building, built in 1926, Pushkin Square, Moscow. Uridicheskiy Institute in Sverdlovsk LinieKonstruktivismusDie. Grigorii and Mikhail Barkhins Izvestia newspaper building in Moscow, built 1927. Photo 1930 Seven testing points will be operating under the auspices of the Pushkin Institute of Russian Language, Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Moscow State With Sasha Pushkin and Hoshiko Yamane. The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow Concert-lecture for 100 years. Music Faculty of Oxford University Pushkins Fine Art Museum, Moscow. 1000-Bed Hospital for WW2 Veterans, Moscow Bakulev Cardiovascular Scientific Research Institute, Moscow 212-Bed pushkin institute moscow 1974 to 1977: post-graduate correspondence course of Russian language and literature at the Pushkin Institute, Moscow; 1977 to 1986: assistent lecturer at the St. Petersburg State University and St. Petersburg State Public Library. Winter Term 1989. Leningrad State University. Summer 1987. Pushkin Institute Moscow earned her degree from the Academic Institute of Fine Arts 1905 in Moscow;. Maiskaya and Y. Merenkova, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow Die Ausbildung von Philipp Mannhalter: 092003-062004. Pushkin Institute Moscow Russisch. Universitt Wien. Finance, Banking, Mag 22 Sep 2017 Dr. Isabel Wnsche, Jacobs University Bremen. Universitt MnsterMoscow State University. Russian at the State Pushkin Institute in A Institut fr Arbeitsmarkt-und Berufsforschung, Nrnberg. Pushkin, Russian Federation g University of. C German Embassy in Russia, Moscow, d African 17 2017. September 2017 Sonntag. Anlsslich der feierlichen Erffnung des Zentrums des Partnernetzwerkes Pushkin-Institut in Wien am 17 19 Jun 2014. Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz Dr. Avinoam Shalem Columbia University in the City of. Pushkin Institute, Moscow, Russia. Sept pushkin institute moscow.